Friday, 13 January 2012

NFLX and more thoughts on EUR.USD short

So, great move by not getting into NFLX early, watching and waiting paid off. It dropped and now today is still in themid 90's, I will continue to watch it around the 100 though. It should be a nice mover if it gets past it and stays.

EUR.USD is the easy trade right now, not only is every one talking about it, but it has been pretty smooth on the 12 day charts. I am covering today, looking to get out at anything under 1.2675, its currently 1.2668.... So I may get out if it moves to the .007s. Im not sure how much short covering will be going on so I would prefer to sit back and watch and just play the moves in the very short term trades. Taking the money off the weekend is a must in such a crazy market.

EUR.USD is and should continue to be a cash cow! (as long as I stay on the right side) :)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Jan 10. 2012

The new year has come up with a few charts I find very intresting. NFLX, has taken a huge beating over the last few months and looks to be making a come back. I will be buying it when it goes about $100.  100 is a major mental level for investors so im willing to wait and watch and then put a stop-loss on at 96, and will look to see what it does around the 120 mark.
Also watching the EURO, it has taken a beating so far in the new year and I dont see that changing for the next weeks. The masses are looking at 1.25 as a major level on the EUR.USD, so I will be looking to get out a little sooner. I currently have a short position on it from days ago, but will be looking to add once I see it starting to take another turn down. I am wanting to get out about 1.255. 
Keep ya posted and happy trading

Goals and the whole point of this

Hello all! Just wanted to give a little introduction to what exactly will be happening on this blog. It will be as simple as me picking equities, giving targets and stop-losses and hopefully all of us making lots of money. Hope that makes it nice and clear :)